General Sales Terms & Conditions

Order processing:

The products (Ebooks) are transferred to your personal email as soon as your contribution is paid into the account of the non-profit organizations (Non-Profit Organizations) Chef Cru-Zen.

Services (e.g., CruZine’s workshops with the chef) will be delivered on a predetermined date. The requested contribution will be paid into the account of the non-profit Chef Cru-Zen.


The requested contributions are paid in Canadian dollars.

How to pay:

Person-to-person transfers are in cash.

Payments through the platform are made by credit card through the secure “Stripe” application.

Return of products and services:


There is no return on products (e.g. Ebooks).

For services, such as workshops or gourmet dinners, there will be a refund if the activity is cancelled by the nonprofit Chef Cru-Zen.  In the event of a cancellation by the customer, no refund will be granted unless a cancellation is made 30 days before the planned time of the event.

Chef Cru-Zen takes no responsibility for the success of the production of the recipes as he is not in control of the execution and that people often differ in taste preferences.  Each recipe has been tested several times to obtain an optimal and tasty result.  We are therefore very confident about the immense quality and feasibility of the recipes and we encourage each budding “Cruzinier” to follow the recipe to the letter, the first time.  It is then, of course, possible to adjust according to one’s personal and family tastes.